#27 Gateway Speed and 50 Years

As an adolescent, I was literal about everything. I had a hard time understanding why jokes were funny. I would laugh because it seemed appropriate, but would have to think for about 10 minutes to get to the reason why it was funny. I often look back and think, "I was an idiot." Then I … Continue reading #27 Gateway Speed and 50 Years


#26 Come and Die

"When Christ calls a man, he bids him 'come and die'" - Dietrich Bonhoeffer (I do not own this image or the featured image. My friend tells me this book is a solid insight into Bonhoeffer) I am in a Unit called "The Cost of Discipleship" with my students. I teach Sophomore Bible every day … Continue reading #26 Come and Die

#24 From Hannah to Henry

"Woman are you drunk?" "I am not drunk. I am a woman in despair... I am speaking out of my great anxiety at this time." A year ago I was teaching this text from 1 Samuel 1:13-17 to a group of 5th Graders. As, I read the entirety of the story to the class, I … Continue reading #24 From Hannah to Henry

#23 Appendix-less

I had my first ER experience on Saturday afternoon. I was feeling quite uncomfortable all day Saturday. I felt tender on my right lower abdomen. I took a nap hoping the slight pain would subside. I could not seem to shake the pain. I checked WebMD (trying to keep my cool, because let's be honest checking WebMD leads only to fear - much like watching Fox News) and the symptoms pointed to Appendix issues.

#22 Lifeblood

I have been wanting to write more, but I do not seem to get it done by the due date (I set for myself). I was beating myself up about it the other day, and then I saw this tweet from author Anne Lamott: **I included the post from Peter Enns because he has been … Continue reading #22 Lifeblood

#21 Energizing Tears

It has been a couple weeks since my last post. Sorry for my delay. We were lucky enough to go to the beach last week, and I have not taken the time to sit down and write since returning home. I hope that you are well as you read this. I am up late (it … Continue reading #21 Energizing Tears

#19 Flat Shoes are for Quitters

I do not like feeling unsettled, but I also get antsy when things begin settling down. I feel caught in this tension of what has been, what is, and what could be. I am perpetually reconciling myself to what has been in my life (good and bad). While also trying to solve my future. I … Continue reading #19 Flat Shoes are for Quitters

#16 Pre-Existing Together

"Pre-existing condition" What does that make you feel? Not great - if I had to guess. Unless you happen to own and operate an insurance business and believe this new Healthcare plan will pass. I know almost nothing about politics. I remember tuning out in school when being taught government. I was genuinely disinterested. I … Continue reading #16 Pre-Existing Together

#14 The Power of Release

I used to spend a lot of time concerned with the past. I would mull around in my headspace for hours about the fool I was, the mistakes I made, the ignorance with which I conducted myself, and the arrogance I maintained. I would beat myself up about it. I would lose precious moments in the Now paying my … Continue reading #14 The Power of Release