Heart Work

Coming home from grabbing an early meal at Chic-fil-a, my wife is on the phone with her mom explaining her new summer schedule for work. I am stopping and going with traffic trying to get back to the interstate to get home in time to get to basketball practice. I check my rear view mirror, and I see a car going full speed coming up on us while we are at a dead stop.


The Choice of Calling

The finality of a "calling" scares the rational side of my brain. It makes me feel claustrophobic or something. I get this antsy feeling in my skin. This anxious weight of the rest of my life begins to plague me. What is it about the future that is so scary...

I’ll Make a Man out of You

 A prohibition on coffee... Sounds AWFUL. Did you know that there was once a push in England in 1674 to outlaw coffee? There is no substance in the world outside of coffee that I would care if it were banned. For coffee, I would jump into action. I would look like Batman showing up just [...]

Into the Void

I feel bombarded with you. I open Facebook and all I see is your stuff. I see your happy days... I exclusively see your happy days. I am only able to see all the ways you are enjoying life, or I see the way you want all of your Facebook Friends to see your life. [...]

The Gospel of Life

I just finished walking through the Gospel of John with my 8th-grade class at school. In this journey, which has taken all year, I have been struck by a few stories that I cannot seem to shake. First, I want to point out that in John's Gospel it does not seem that Jesus' only task [...]